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The PRIMERA ST360® urological workstation combines the three imaging procedures
of X-ray, ultrasound and endoscopy for optimum diagnostics, thus providing
the prerequisite for a successful therapy.

Flexible patient table

The PRIMERA ST360® system allows unlimited access to the patient from all sides
and, thanks to the flexibility of the table, enables the performance of all endourological
and percutaneous operations, e.g. URS, TUR or PCNL. Urodynamic procedures
can also be performed on the system without difficulty. The patient table
offers a maximum patient load of up to 250 kg and convinces with its reliable and
solid mechanical construction.

State-of-the-art X-ray technology

The core component of the system is the 43 x 43 cm flat panel detector which
can display the entire urogenital tract with a single radiography image (KUB). The
high-resolution flat-screen monitor also displays dynamic radioscopy images in
first-class quality.
Control of all components via touchscreen
Via the central touchscreen panel, the X-ray system, endoscopy devices and other
components can easily be integrated and controlled. The RUI (Realistic User
Interface) presentation of each component can be displayed with its original user
interface on the touchscreen. This improves the operation of the devices and helps
the user to control and monitor them at all times.

»Connecting Technologies«

The unique abilty to communicate via SCB (STORZ Communication Bus) combines
X-ray, patient table and the urological equipment from KARL STORZ. This
improves the workflow in urology considerably. Integration to the DICOM Network
completes the efficient and comprehensive diagnostic and therapy concept
from one supplier only.


Comprehensive clinical application possibilities:

  • Urological diagnostics (X-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy)
  • Transurethral procedures (URS, TUR)
  • Percutaneous urological procedures (PCNL)
  • Urodynamic procedures, e.g. micturating cystourethrogram (MCU)

PRIMERA ST360® highlights

  • Control of all components via touchscreen
  • Integration of KARL STORZ systems via STORZ Communication Bus (SCB)
  • Outstanding access to the patient table
  • Patient weight of up to 250 kg
  • PCNL on both sides without repositioning of the patient
  • State-of-the-art digital X-ray technology (flat-panel detector, 43 x 43 cm)




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