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Mobile C-arm with Image Intensifier - BV Pulsera

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A large field of view for abdominal aortic aneurysm repair. Excellent low-dose imaging for pain management interventions. Philips BV Pulsera’s innovative features help you get the job done.

From standard pacemaker implants and biventricular implants to bypass checks and abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, the BV Pulsera has the imaging clarity and power to enable you to do your best work yet. True to its name, the BV Pulsera pulses with power. Thanks to its highly efficient X-ray componentry and exceptional heat management capabilities, it keeps pace with your longest cardiovascular and interventional procedures. That’s not all. Its rotating anode technology and automatic high penetration mode give you the power to see through virtually any normal or obese patient. You’re able to see the fine clinical details in steep projections and observe fast moving anatomy.

You can choose either a 9’’ or 12’’ image intensifier to meet your clinical needs:

• Cardiovascular procedures

• Orthopedic surgery

• Pain management procedures

• Abdominal surgery

• Neurosurgical procedures

• Thoracic surgery

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