SensiLase PAD-IQ

The SensiLase® PAD-IQ supports three noninvasive vascular tests that assess micro- and macrocirculation of patients’ extremities.


Segmental Skin Perfusion Pressure

  • Fully automated and quantitative evaluation of microcirculatory perfusion in the skin
  • Multiple levels can be assessed on limbs; bilateral measurement helps to manage test time
  • Not susceptible to interference effects from medial calcification
  • Requires use of pressure cuffs to occlude blood flow for specified time period in order to evaluate reactive hyperemic response to controlled release of pressure
  • Graphical output of pressure and perfusion during cuff deflation indicates the pressure (mmHg) at which skin perfusion is found to return in addition to pressure contour

Pulse Volume Recording (segmental volume plethysmography)

  • Shows  variations in the volume of blood passing through a limb during each cardiac cycle
  • Multiple levels can be assessed on limbs
  • Not susceptible to interference effects from medial calcification

The ABI test uses Doppler-acquired pressures

  • Data capture for posterior tibial, dorsalis pedis and brachial arteries
  • PAD-IQ can be used to automatically fill and empty pressure cuffs to assist in acquiring pressure values (mmHg)
  • PAD-IQ automatically calculates right and left ABI  to streamline process specified by CPT Codes 93922/93923


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