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Philips BV Vectra mobile C-arm system

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Reliance on fast, quality imaging for orthopedic procedures is a given in your daily routine. Ease of use, ease of positioning, and the power to penetrate complex anatomies are key requirements. Our BV Vectra mobile C-arm system is intuitive to operate.

Key advantages

• Consistently crisp images that reveal the intricacies of orthopedic injuries and disorders with 1k x 1k digital imaging chain

• Point and shoot for high quality images time after time with BodySmart, Digital Exposure, and MetalSmart

• Easy to maneuver the C-arm and access small and large patients with excellent C-arm depth and angulation reach In the OR every minute counts. The easier a system works, the better.

Our controls are designed to help all users operate the system quickly and intuitively, even with limited training. Clear icons and step-by-step menus provide extra guidance, allowing efficient procedures. To quickly check a position without using excessive X-ray dose during an orthopedic or pain management procedure, you can acquire images by just quickly tapping the foot or hand switch. Save additional time using our unique BodySmart. It allows you to acquire fast and consistent images even at the edge of the image intensifier, which further improves the workflow in high pressure operating environments. Consistent imaging of dense and complex anatomy is much easier with BV Vectra thanks to our Digital Exposure and High Definition Fluoroscopy modes. Just press the foot or hand switch to quickly switch between these X-ray modes and efficiently treat patients.

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