Pen Dosemeter – Gamma – Without Alarm

The MY DOSE series allows you to check at any time the accumulated amount of radiation exposure. They are designed to be placed in a pocket (chest or abdomen) of a worker who handles radiation or a person who happens to enter a radiation handling facility.

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Features Light and compact to fit in a pocket Wide measurement range from 1¦ÌSv to 10Sv Accumulated dose and dose rate measuring Data holding function Simple operation of only one button Specifications Radiation detected Gamma and X-ray Energy threshold 40keV Detector Silicon semiconductor Measurement range Dose: 1¦ÌSv to 10Sv (0.1mrem to 1000 rem), Dose rate: 1¦ÌSv/h to 1Sv/h (0.1 mrem/h to 100 rem/h ) Accuracy Within ¡À10% from 10¦ÌSv to 10 Sv (from 1mrem to 1000rem)¡¡Calibrated by 137Cs using a slab phantom Power One lithium battery CR2450 Battery life Approx. 700 hours of continuous use (at room temperature of 20 degrees C) Environmental requirements in operation Temperature: -10 to +50 degrees C, Relative humidity: up to 90% (non-condensing) Dimensions Approx. (W) 30 ¡Á (D) 11 ¡Á(H) 108 mm (excluding the clip) Weight Approx. 40 g

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