Snore Stop

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Effective therapy against snoring

Many snorers suffer from irregular sleep and consequently from reduced regeneration. This results in states of exhaustion which unfortunately often apply additionally to partners.

Up to 50 % of middle-aged population snores. Snoring is a respiratory sound which develops in the nasal pharynx. The resulting constrictions cause noisy vibrations, in particular in the soft palate and/or the root of the tounge areas.

The pulses of the three high effective programs stimulate muscles of the mouth and the root of the toungue in order to increase oral muscular strength. Therapy with the Snore Stop is very well tolerated and nearly free from side effects. The treatment must be effected periodically with a minimum training period of 4-6 weeks.

Output current 70 mA (with 1 kOhm real)
Frequency range 0, – 100 Hz
Pulse width 100 µs, 200µs
Power supply 9 V compound battery
Dimensions 25 x 60 x 120 mm
Weight ~ 200 g
Conformity complies with the Medical Device Directive (CE)
Art.-No. 462033


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