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star system

Adept Medical introduces the STARSystem, a combination of the STARBoard and STARTable to become a complete, clinically engineered solution for radial access procedures.

Combined, the system provides unequalled patient comfort and ease of use for clinicians. The STARBoard raises the arm to a comfortable working height for a clinician and patient, presents the wrist for gaining access and then returns it to the patient’s side for procedural comfort. The STARTable provides support for catheters, wires and other equipment. It also offers protection to the surgeon from any scatter radiation they are exposed to during the procedure.

STARSystem (Includes STARBoard & STARTable) Product Code: AM0160B

For more detailed information on the STARBoard and the STARTable refer to their indivdual product pages.


Support for Trans-radial Angiography and Revascularisation

The STARTable, designed for use in conjunction with the STARBoard, comprises two components. The carbon fibre board contains 0.5mm thick Lead in the vertical surface offering radiation scatter protection to the operator. The shelf provides support for catheters, wires and other equipment. It is adjustable along the length of the STARTable allowing the shelf to be positioned as close to the STARBoard as desired, preventing any sagging of drapes and pooling of solutions in this area.

The STARTable slides easily underneath the mattress with the patient on the table for simple set up. The shelf can then be positioned forward or back as required. The vertical section of the carbon-fibre board contains 0.5mm thick Lead. The Lead is embedded inside the carbon-fibre body and as such is relatively lightweight , very durable and easy to clean. The mean reduction in scatter radiation with the C-Arm head in a PA orientation, for the operator at a waist equivalent height is 47.2% and at a neck equivalent height is 80.3%. See below for a link to our full test report by an independent Medical Physicist.

STARTable Product Code: AM0140B

STARTable Brochures


Support for Trans-radial Angiography and Revascularisation

STARBoard by Adept Medical is the clinically engineered solution for radial access procedures. Ergonomically designed with fully articulating arms and friction joints for superior adjustment it provides unequalled patient comfort and ease of use for clinicians.

  • STARBoard raises the arm to a comfortable working height for clinician and patient, presenting the wrist in the optimal extended position for right or left arm radial access. A key feature is the ability to hold the extended wrist position away from the patient’s side whilst access is achieved, then very simply return the patient’s hand to a more relaxed, medially-rotated position, with the arm at their side for the duration of the procedure. Adjustments can be made at any point during the procedure beneath the sterile drapes.
  • STARBoard is crafted in carbon fibre and plastic componentry for strength at minimal weight, superior radiolucency and durability.
  • Weighing only 1.6kg the STARBoard is extremely lightweight, compact and very easy to handle for nursing staff. The unique, one-piece, “foldaway” design takes up minimal storage space.
  • Designed to work with any cardiac or radiology procedure table, STARBoard is quick to install and adjust to variations in patient size. Setup is achieved in seconds with no consumable components required. Taping of the patient’s hand is unnecessary; should restraint be required for restless patients the upper forearm can be strapped.
  • To facilitate left arm radial procedures Adept Medical provide the STARSupport , a lightweight, compact accessory that clips onto the STARBoard after radial access has been achieved. It supports the upper left arm, presenting the wrist in an elevated position across the abdomen of the patient. This allows the clinician to continue working comfortably from the right hand side of the table.
  • STARBoard Product Code: AM0100C


Designed specifically for femoral procedures

Designed in conjunction with a Neuroradiologist, the Femoral table is an effective solution for all femoral access procedures. It offers clinical benefits to the current practice of laying procedural equipment over the draped patient’s legs.

The height adjustable radiolucent work surface facilitates stable catheter/guide wire manipulation and provides a surface for syringes, bowls and other equipment.

Placed over the patient’s legs once they are in a supine position on the angiography table, the height of the work surfaces’ feathered leading edge can then be tuned to align with the arterial access site.

Made from carbon fibre, the table is radiolucent, light weight and strong.

Product Code: AM0300

Femoral Table Downloads


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