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3D Anthropomorphic Skull Phantom

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The CIRS skull phantom is made from materials which can be imaged using x-ray, CT and MR. The skull is manufactured from an epoxy based tissue substitute. The interstitial and surrounding soft tissues are made from a proprietary water based polymer. The gel can be formulated to accommodate specific requirements such as x-ray attenuation, contrast, and MR response. The entire phantom is encased in a vacuum formed plastic shell for ease of use and durability. Features; ? Images well on T1, T2 and 3D TOF MRI acquisitions ? Images well on CT scans ? Stereotactic frame can be applied to special reinforced pads ? Images can be imported into stereotactic localization program ? CT scans can be used to assess MRI accuracy Three dimensional orthogonal acrylic rod matrix through cranial volume enables assessment of image distortions. Options include wire or point targets in various locations and a simulated tumor. Skull phantoms are made to order. Contact CIRS if you have a unique requirement.

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