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AAPM CT Performance Phantom

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The CIRS Model 610 AAPM CT Performance Phantom offers the user a single test object that measures ten distinct CT performance parameters. The phantom design is based on the guidelines presented in Report #1 of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine Task Force on CT Scanner Phantoms. The goals of report #1 were to ¡°(1) define ¡®performance¡¯ of a CT scanner and (2) describe methods of performance testing through utilization of particular phantoms.¡± A CT number linearity insert, high contrast resolution insert and slice width insert are housed in an 8.5 ¡° diameter PMMA water tank with quick disconnect valves for ease of filling and draining between use. Also included is a 0.25¡± bone equivalent ring that can be fit over the inserts to

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