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Huntleigh’s medical products are renowned for reliability and superior quality, this has been echoed within our accessory and consumables product range.

Every product must surpass very high quality standards and by choosing our approved products you will be getting experience and support from one of the worlds leading healthcare companies.

Please download our Accessories & Consumables Catalogue for either the Dopplex, Sonicaid or Smartsigns product ranges by clicking on the files below.

Name Description Size Updated
Accessories & Consumables Brochure – Obstetrics Accessories Brochure – Sonicaid Obstetric Range – 751348-6 2 498 kb 2013-03-08
Accessories & Consumables Brochure – Patient Monit Accessories Brochure – Smartsigns Patient Monitoring Range 750386-4 1 392 kb 2013-03-08
Accessories & Consumables Brochure – Vascular Accessories Brochure – Dopplex Vascular Range 710507-3 1 179 kb 2012-08-10


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