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Activioss® Granules

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Maxillo Cranio Facial

Synthetic and bioactive bone graft substitute

Functional and aesthetic restoration are daily challenges for dental surgeons. The choice of treatment and implants and high performance bone substitutes are the answer to the specificity of clinical cases.

Activioss® granules is indicated in regenerative medicine as a synthetic bioactive bone substitute which comes in the shape of granules. Activioss® granules combines natural biological action and optimum safety for reliable and reproducible results.

Based on innovative technology, Activioss® granules is a bioactive glass 45S5 ceramic composed of silicon, sodium, phosphorous and calcium oxides. All of these elements are naturally present in the human body and are key components in the osteogenesis process. This bioactivity property, marks a new stage in bone regeneration products.

The formulation of Activioss® Granules brings excellent biocompatibility level and drastically reduce the risk of pathogen agents transmission.

Activioss® Granules technology is fully developed in France with local partners to ensure highest quality.

Activioss® Granules offers surgeons and patients optimum safety during implantation for a natural and effective bone restoration, for all indications encountered in their daily practice.

*Available in granules and putty

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