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Amercare Automated Dose Dispenser

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The ADD enables dispensing operations to be carried out in remote Hot Cell situations where manipulation of syringes and vials by tongs and manipulators is extremely difficult. It is also suitable for bench top applications, Laminar Air Flow Cabinet or Safety Cabinets.

Simply dial up the type of syringe you want to fill and drop the syringe into the tungsten shield. Then enter the volume you want to fill and the ADD loads the syringe, fills the desired volume and presents the syringe to you for removal or recapping. You can add liquid to a previously filled syringe or dispense to vials in multiple aliquots, all with the minimum of manual handling. The ADD also makes recapping the syringe needle simple.

The total time to dispense a single dose from dropping in the syringe to removing the syringe ready capped is typically less than 45 seconds.

The ADD is specifically designed for high activity 511keV Isotopes and makes light work of the heavy syringe and vial shields that are impossible to manipulate by hand.


  • Significantly reduces finger dose in bench-top dispensing situations.
  • Total cycle time of 28 seconds to dispense 1ml, 48 seconds to dispense 9ml.
  • Mimics manual filling pharmacy procedures for vial to syringe and syringe to vial transfers.
  • Increases accuracy, repeatability and throughput for dispensing operations where heavy shielding is required.
  • Suitable for use with most types of syringes up to 10ml size.
  • Vial shield accepts vials up to 30ml, custom vial adaptors are available if requested.
  • Stainless Steel and Plastic construction, resistant to most commercially available cleaning and sanitising products.
  • Designed for use with 25mm long Needles

Download Product Spec Sheet here.

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