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Amercare Isolator Technetium Dispensing Isolator

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A dedicated range of isolators has been developed over many years specifically for use with Technetium 99m generators.

This experience has been combined with the new A2 range of Pharmacy Isolators to result in a Technetium Dispensing isolator which is easier to use than ever.

Features from the A2 Pharmacy isolator now incorporated into the Technetium Dispensing isolator include lightweight non-stick vacuum seal doors, height adjustable base frame and automatic leak testing.


  • Provide an EC GMP Grade A (class 100) air environment in each module.
  • Have an electrically height adjustable base frame.
  • Generators are housed in a removable trolley to minimise handling and lifting. Generators are shielded with 60mm interlocking lead.
  • Provision for aseptic integration of dose calibrator with automatic dipper assembly.
  • Fully interlocked class E transfer chambers with vacuum seal, lightweight, non-stick doors.
  • Use turbulent air flow to ensure that clean air passes throughout the entire Isolator system and barrier shields etc.
  • Have a continuous base to safely contain any spillage, (no air grilles).
  • Are constructed from high quality (grade 316) stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Are fully leak testable and are fitted with both audible and visual alarms and battery backup for critical systems.

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