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BESA MRI is a CE-certified software to generate individual head models (FEM) that can be used for EEG and / or MEG source analysis. BESA MRI also allows co-registration of EEG / MEG data with individual MRI data. BESA MRI is the first software that offers an easy, intuitive interface with an integrated workflow guiding the user step-by-step.

MRI data import is easily performed with DICOM, ANALYZE / NIFTI, VMR readers. The preparation of the MRI data to be automatically processed by BESA MRI requires just a couple of simple worksteps typically demanding only a few minutes of user attention. BESA MRI’s automatic processing can be applied to all subjects prepared by the user in one go, therefore conveniently minimizing the time the user has to work on the computer.

BESA MRI’s automatic segmentation includes an automated inhomogeneity correction to correct for scan artifacts, generates a high quality cortex and scalp reconstruction and, in an optional step, can also generate a 4-layered (scalp, skull, CSF and brain) individual head model (FEM).

BESA MRI 2.0 runs in combination with BESA Research 6.0 and 5.3. Individual head models (FEM) generated with BESA MRI 2.0 can be imported by BESA Research 6.0 for EEG and / or MEG source analysis. EEG / MEG data can beco-registered with individual MRI data using individually digitized electrode positions or head shape points. As an unique feature of BESA MRI, 10-10 standard electrodes (including inferior electrodes) can also be morphed with individual MRI data. Co-registered electrode coordinates are immediately available in BESA Research. Thus, source images / localizations can be displayed on the individual MRI even if no individual digitization of electrodes has taken place.

System requirements

  • Windows® 8.1, 7 (32bit or 64 bit) or Windows XP Service Pack 2 (32bit)
  • Processor: minimum: 2 GHz
  • RAM: minimum: 4 GB
  • Display resolution: minimum: 1280×800 pixels
  • Graphics card supporting OpenGL 1.1 with 16 MB RAM or more


BESA MRI 2.0 August 2014 is the latest version of BESA MRI.

Complete setup

You can download the complete setup file for BESA MRI (64 or 32 bits) from the following links (77 MB):

Setup BESA MRI 2.0 / 64 bit

Setup BESA MRI 2.0 / 32 bit

Bug Fixes

For a list of minor new features, bug fixes and changes compared to previous releases of the BESA MRI 2.0 series please click here.


Please download the manual for BESA MRI 2.0 (4.4 MB):

BESA MRI 2.0 – User Manual

Trial version

If you would like to test BESA MRI without owning a license yet, you can receive a fully functional, time-limited trial version. Please order a trial HASP dongle using the Trial Order Form.

Price list

For inquiries on purchasing our products, please contact our sales office at:

New system requirements: Please note that BESA MRI 2.0 has different system requirements than BESA MRI 1.0.


Integrated workflow for all user-interactions

BESA MRI was designed to be maximally user-friendly and intuitive. All steps that require user-interactions are guided by a workflow, prompting the user to perform the next step and providing integrated context-related help, which can be turned off if desired.

A workflow consists of a series of worksteps that have to be done to finalize a project. Each workstep realizes a set of user interactions needed to achieve the workstep-specific result. Some worksteps can be run in automated processing mode with preset parameters, e.g. inhomogeneity correction and segmentation. Thus, only a few user interactions are needed during the initial worksteps.


Integrated workflow for all user-interactions



  • Fully integrated workflows are guiding the user step by step
  • Automatic finalization after setting up the MRI of single or multiple subjects
  • Review each step of the complete workflow at any time

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