Intraoperative and Wireless Gamma Probes

Variable collimation and shielding, coupled with signal discrimination makes the OmniProbe perfect gamma probe for sentinel node biopsies and many other intraoperative for many applications.

C-Trak gamma probes are capable of measuring gamma energies up to 364 keV, and are designed to detect small sites of radioisotope uptake in the high scatter, highly variable background environments found with imaging radiolabels such as Indium 111 and Technetium 99m. The C-Trak Omniprobe PET can be used to detect higher-energy radiolabels such as FDG, with energies up to 600 keV.

Available Gamma Probes

A range of gamma probes are available for the C-Trak Galaxy including:


  • Top-rated gamma probe is highly directional
  • Adjustable collimators and shielding allow the gamma probe system to be used in a variety of procedures
  • Angled probe allows ease of detection in confined anatomical spaces

OmniProbe PET

  • Useful in detecting all types of PET positive cancers
  • Enables the gamma probe system to provide better resolution and directionality than PET scans
  • Using an intraoperative gamma probe reduces surgical time

OmniProbe EL

  • Can be used in laparoscopic applications
  • Small tip allows insertion of the gamma probe through common ports
  • Available in forwarding-viewing, side-viewing, or 20° offset versions


Energy Range: 20-600keV
Power: 100-240VAC
Height: 14.2” (36cm)
Width: 16.5” (42cm)
Depth: 3.2” (8cm)
Weight: 15.4lbs (7kg)
* all dimensions given are without stand

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