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CT Imaging QA Kit For Atom & CT Dose Phantoms

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Traditional dosimetry of CT scanners uses standard CTDI phantoms like the CIRS Model 007 CT Dose Phantom. However, more sophisticated CT protocols and continuing equipment improvement require the use of an anthropomorphic phantom of different sizes and/or ages such as the CIRS ATOM family of dosimetry phantoms. The CIRS CT Imaging QA Kit are suitable for use in CIRS ATOM Dosimetry phantoms and CIRS 007TE Tissue Equivalent CT Dose Phantoms which are already used widely for CT dosimetry. The inserts contained in the kit are designed to investigate correlation between the image quality and CT doses. The kit provides various targets for evaluation of two import CT performance parameters: low contrast detectability and spatial resolution in soft tissues and lung regions. The Model 700-QA provides four inserts: lung, soft tissue – cylindrical, soft tissue – spherical and soft tissue – true 3D line pair targets. The diameter of the spheres and cylinders were selected to provide a 2:1 volume and cross-sectional area ratios respectively for each adjacent pair of spheres and cylinders. When ordered with ATOM? the inserts can be positioned in the abdomen, liver, mediastinum and lung. Features; ? Determine Low Contrast detectability ? Evaluate spatial resolution ? Use in ATOM or CIRS 007TE phantoms ? 3 soft tissue inserts ? 1 lung insert

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