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Cube 20 Phantom

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The Cube 20 Phantom is designed for routine QA in RT and IMRT applications where ease of use and quick set-up are important. Chamber, diode or MOSFET detectors are easily positioned at isocenter of the cube and laser alignment marks on all sides facilitate precise positioning of the phantom. Detector position can be adjusted in 1 mm increments longitudinally and 5 mm increments for lateral and elevational adjustments. Ready-Pack film can be inserted in the Cube. By rotating the cube, the film is easily set in sagittal, coronal or transverse orientations. Stainless steel fiducials are clearly resolvable on CT images and leave small indentations on the film for precise film to plan registration. Upon request, a recess can be milled in the interface surface for darkroom loading of radiographic film 5¡± x 6¡±. Features ? Routine patient QA ? Beam constancy checks ? MLC QA ? User friendly set-up and positioning ? Suitable for head/neck and torso treatments ? Mimics water within 1%

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