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Delux Vinyl Coated 12 pcs patient position aids

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Description: Quantity Wedges 3¡±H x 3¡±W x 7.25¡±L 2 Wedge 6.75¡±H x 6.75¡±W x 7.25¡±L 1 Circular disc 1.5¡±H x 7¡±D 1 Wedges 2.25¡±H x 9.5¡±W x 7.25¡±L 2 Rectangle 2¡±H x 7.5¡±W x 9.5¡±L 1 Decubitus block 4¡±H x 18¡±W x 24¡±L 1 Cylinder 12¡±H x 4.25¡±D 1 Thin mattresses .25¡±H x 18¡±W x 24¡±L 2 Table pad 1¡±H x 24¡±W x 72¡±L 1

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