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Designed in accordance with: European guidelines for quality assurance in breast cancer screening and diagnosis (fourth edition) – ISBN 92-79-01258-4 A set of test objects for digital mammography systems, designed to be used quickly and easily on a regular basis to provide an ongoing check of imaging performance, particularly those aspects which are most liable to deterioration. An ongoing record of the results of these checks will reveal any trend towards deterioration in imaging performance. DMAM2 contains the following: Threshold Contrast Details 63 contrast details in 6 sizes, dia range from 0.1mm to 2.0mm, contrast range 0.489% to 27.56% Filaments 6 groups of multi-directional filaments 0.40mm to 0.20mm diameter PMMA plates Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) plates with a dimensional tolerance of ¡À0.1mm. (1pc) 300 x 240 x 20mm (inc encapsulated 99.99% Al foil for SNR, CNR) (2pc) 300 x 240 x 20mm (1pc) 300 x 240 x 10mm (1pc) 300 x 240 x 5mm Radiopaque mesh 400 micron (mesh size #40) covering an area 300 x 240mm Radiopaque grid Horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines covering an area 300 x 240mm Stainless steel straight edge accurate to ¡À20 microns. Angled at 3¡ã Spatial Resolution Test Pattern 0.5 – 14.3 LP/mm. Angled at 45¡ã X-ray to Light Field Alignment Radiopaque Rulers x4, Phosphor Screens x5 Aluminium filter 2.0 ¡À10% mm 99.9%+ purity for homogeneity tests

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