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Dynamic Deep Wave Therapy – StimaWELL®120MTRS

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Dynamic deep wave therapy – the new dimension of electrostimulation

The patented StimaWELL® System – a revolution in electrostimulation

The patented StimaWELL®120MTRS system is designed for back treatment in accordance with the latest technological advances in the field. The system contains a stimulation mat with 12 integrated channels, which are operated sequentially (meaning one after the other), administering complex waves to the back. This kind of stimulation opens new therapeutic ways to back treatment. The StimaWELL® System combines midfrequency electrostimulation and heat therapy and thereby offers a multidimensional back stimulation. The dynamic deep waves enable intense muscle training which is experienced by the patient as a comfortable massage.

Thanks to the modulation of the stimulation different massage effects can be achieved: A tapping type massage, a kneading/stroking type massage as well as a combination of both types is possible. Additionally, the StimaWELL® system may also be used for pain relief therapy.

The StimaWELL® has the option of heating the stimulation mat up to approximately 40°C. The thermal effect strengthens the depth effects of the dynamic deep waves and is offering an exceptional sense of well-being.

The stimulation mat with the integrated electrodes is a real innovation offering a quick and very comfortable stimulation. Time-consuming electrode positioning as known from multi-channel stimulators is omitted. The pre-set programs are operated via a touch screen display. Each of them can be selected quickly. Furthermore, the operator has the possibility of easily creating own programs via a modular assembly system.


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