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Fluoroscopic Alignment Device

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With a misaligned fluoroscopic image intensifier system, any portion of the fluoroscopic field that falls outside the image receptor does not contribute to the useful image and can lead to unnecessary exposure to the patient. The Fluoroscopic Beam Alignment device provides a simple but critical measurement to identify a misaligned fluoroscopic system. The device when placed in the center of the image receptor is designed to correct or optimize fluoroscopic collimation. The Fluoroscopic Beam Alignment device consists of an aluminum plate with 4 sliding brass strips set in recessed channels. The strips define the border or visible area of the image receptor and are adjustable with respect to the center of the measurement plate. A plastic overlay prevents any vertical displacement of the brass strips. Holes drilled in half inch intervals through the anterior of each channel are filled with higher density material. Visibility of the plugs on the fluoroscopic image permits their use as a means of centering the device.

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