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Gillian QA Phantom

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Hybrid scanning systems such as SPECT /CT , PET /CT and CT /MRI are increasingly being used to improve tumor identification, treatment delivery and monitor treatment effectiveness. By combining images from two different imaging modalities, hybrid scanning systems take advantage of the strengths of individual imaging modalities while minimizing their respective weaknesses. Proper alignment of the fused images is an ongoing concern. The Model 802 Gillian QA phantom provides a simple and cost effective solution to verify image alignment and distortion. The phantom consists of a water tight acrylic cylinder that can be filled with a variety of fluids. Four non-parallel rods of varying diameter run the entire length of the cylinder. Images produced with the phantom can quickly and clearly show if there is any mismatch in the fused images. Features; ? Compatible with SPECT/CT, PET/CT and CT/MRI ? Check alignment and distortion across the entire imaging field ? Easy to fill and drain ? Allows for independent assessment of equipment function ? Simple geometry allows for quick visual interpretation

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