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HVL Filters and Holder

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The purpose of the HVL filters are to help the medical physicist or service engineer confirm the necessary filtration required to remove the damaging low-energy radiation from the primary beam of the various X-ray tubes used in diagnostic radiology. HVL can be defined as the layer of aluminum needed to attenuate the dose detector signal to 50% of its original value. The primary purpose is to ensure that the total filtration in the tube assembly is maintained at an appropriate level to minimize the patient skin dose. The L435 HVL Holder is designed to simplify the routine HVL measurement process. It eliminates the need to use tape to attach the HVL filters to the collimator housing. Permanently bonded to the center of the base plate is an acrylic pocket, open on one side and designed to hold a standard or high purity Al filter set. The polycarbon material is easily cut with a standard utility knife or sheers to accommodate the two most common collimator track sizes in a given department. The base may also be attached with hook-andloop type fastener strips for odd sized collimators. In either case, the filters themselves are protected from damage associated with the application and removal of heavy medical/ surgical tape Options include; ? Model L430 – Standard Aluminum Filter Set ? Model L431 – Copper HVL Filter Set ? Model L434 – Ultra High Purity Aluminum Filter Set (Mammography)

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