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Lynax FDG Dispenser PT317R3

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The device is intended for the exact batching of radiopharmaceuticals into the syringe automatically. Its purpose is to facilitate, improve and speed up batching the activity together with substantial restriction of an untoward effect of irradiation. Computer controlled. Does not need a heavily shielded cell.

  • Offers easy and quick handling (you request a certain activity, and the system automatically draws the dose into the shielded syringe with high precision – ready to use).
  • Dramatically reduces dose burden given to the finger and body during preparation of patient doses in a PET facilitiy.
  • Eliminates the need for manipulation with unshielded vial.
  • Continuously shows the remaining volume and activity in the vial
  • Continuously shows the actual activity in the syringe (inside the syringe shield)
  • Uses only standard commodity – very low operating costs. Simple machanics and advanced designed electronics guaranties low service costs.
  • Vial is shielded by more than 65 mm Pb – does not require additional shielding of the working box. Does not necessarily need a working bench (front shield for setup is recommended)
  • Works with a database of the patients and the administered doses.
  • Extreme small footprint because of the use of tungsten (W) as the shielding material (easy to upgrade existing hotlabs).

Device design, purpose & usage

The device has been designed as a member of the products line providing the protection of health care staff from an untoward effect of atomic irradiation. It is intended for the exact batching of radiopharmaceuticals into the syringe automatically. The cycle being chosen and controlled from the portable control computer. The syringe is introduced into the device inside the tungsten shield with lead glass window. The staff is shielded during the the whole operation because the batching is carried out inside the shielding completely. The new feature of the device is that the radioactivity is being measured while batching the activity for the whole period of attendance of the activity in the syringe inside the batcher. Its purpose is to facilitate, improve and also speed up batching the activity together with substantial restriction of an untoward effect of atomic irradiation of the staff.

Brief description of the device and basic specifications

The Automatic Batching and Measuring Device consists of six following main parts: Base, portable tungsten container PT318R2, box carrying the automatic withdrawing mechanism located on a sliding bridge, measuring unit and control computer. On the base of the device there is the socket to locate the container. PT318R2 carrying the vial with the activity.

The syringe inside the tungsten shield is to be located into the socket and connected with the needle introduced to the vial previously. The withdrawing mechanism lays hold of the piston of the syringe both operations being made manually. Than the desired activity is to be ordered on the PC keyboard. The device will draw the required value of activity into the syringe.

Measuring unit provides the exact measuring and displaying the activity in the syringe. The necessary time is very short. After the required dose having been prepared the operator takes the syringe with the tungsten shield out of the device. The shielding being very carefully designed there is no danger of irradiation of the operator. The reliably shielded dose is then transported to the patient. The powerful notebook serves to process the data. The control program enables to preselect the value of the dose for the particular patient and to deposit the necessary data in the control computer. The prepared activity and at the same time the activity inside the storage vial are displayed. The value of each prepared dose is deposited together with other necessary data and patient identification the time being registered automatically. This procedure provides the exact tracking of patients and their doses and also provides the perfect echo checking of the prepared and subsequently applied activities. The printer can also be attached.


  • Height 450 mm
  • Width 350 mm
  • Depth 280 mm
  • Weight 90 kg

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