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MagIQ and MagIQ Duo

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An image quality phantom for magnetic resonance imaging comprising a single chamber (MagIQ) or two identical chambers (MagIQ Duo) which may be filled with different solutions to create two test objects (e.g. high field and low field). A total of 5 (MagIQ) or 10 (MagIQ Duo) separate signal compartments can be used. MagIQ includes the following features; Reproducible positioning and test conditions – white pigment-filled centre markings – integral bubble level – external LCD temperature strip Geometric Distortion – An array of 25.0mm uniformly pitched, high contrast circles Spatial Resolution – LP/mm (1.0 LP/mm) – MTF edge block Contrast Resolution Fat Suppression – 8 user defined compartments (4 x in each arrangement) SNR / Ghosting / Uniformity – Flood-fill section for measurement of SNR, ghosting, uniformity Slice Profile – Wedges or ¡®virtual plates¡¯ can be used for slice profile measurements

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