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Mammographic Step Wedges

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CIRS step-wedges can be used with standard densitometers to monitor system performance under changing exposure parameters. Wedges are manufactured from tissue simulating materials which have been specially formulated to maximize simulation properties in the Mammographic Energy Range. Constant thickness, variable densities/glandular equivalencies. All material optimized for use in mammographic energy range. Use with densitometer to monitor system performance quantitatively. Overall measurement 10 cm x 12 cm x 4 cm Wedge Includes: – Water equivalent bolus on each end – 100% glandular equivalent material (pure gland) – 70% glandular equivalent material – 64% glandular equivalent material; acrylic (PMMA) with wax insert – 50% glandular equivalent material – 45% glandular equivalent material (BR12) – 30% glandular equivalent material – 0% glandular equivalent material (pure fat) Overall measurement 10 cm x 12 cm 4 cm initial thickness decremented in 10 steps, each step 0.25 cm Standard materials composition is 50% Glandular/ 50% Adipose Tissue

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