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MicroMouse & Water Filled Mouse Phantoms

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Micro-CT systems promise to deliver precise and accurate high-resolution measurements. The field of view of these systems requires appropriately scaled QA phantoms. The CIRS Model 090 MicroMouseTM and Model 091 Water-Filled Mouse Phantoms provide tools for quantifying calcium and bone density with respect to X-ray attenuation and absorption properties. Hydroxyapatite (HA), the principal constituent of teeth and bones within mammals, is the most appropriate reference for mineral density evaluations. CIRS blends HA in a soft-tissue equivalent, polymer background to provide references which can range in HA loading between 0 mg/cc and 750 mg/cc. Hydroxyapatite grain size and homogeneity of the rods are optimized for use in Micro-CT. Both the MicroMouse Phantom and the Water-Filled Mouse phantom contain 11 rods of varying mineral loading and dimension. They can be used to evaluate Micro-CT scanners as you would standard whole body scanners. The targets are suitable for determining contrast detectability and estimating low-contrast resolution. In the MicroMouse Phantom the rods are embedded in soft tissue equivalent material that is of the size and shape of a small rodent. The Water-Filled Mouse Phantom contains the 11 rods in a water-tight, polycarbonate housing which is very durable and resistant to many chemicals. The Model 091 housing can easily be filled with a variety of liquids to vary the contrast between the rods and the surrounding liquid. Features; ? 25 mg/cc – 750 mg/cc HA targets ? Lung, Muscle and Adipose ? Optimal for Micro-CT ? Solid or Liquid Filled

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