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Migraine Headache Neurological Pain Relief Device (a.k.a.) DE-KA Titan Pain Reliever

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Are you overmedicated to treat pain? Now available for the first time in the U.S. a non-powered, FDA Approved and Patented device featuring the latest technology in pain relief for migraines and many other chronic pain conditions – the DEKA Titan

Migraine Headache Neurological Pain Relief Device DE-KA Titan – Available for the first time in the U.S., FDA certified, U.S. Patented device is the latest alternative treatment for migraines and other types of pain. This Medical Device is manufactured in Germany, using 100% titanium material for the capacitor device. Titanium material provides the unique characteristics to transfer pain signals from your body to the Titan’s capacitor. The capacitor reduces the electrical pain signal along the nerve pathway to the brain and modifies the incoming pain signal, thereby reducing the sensation of pain. The Titan requires no batteries or other power source, making the device easy to use and allowing mobility during use.

At the first sign of pain, simply wear the bracelet on your left wrist with the capacitor on your pulse point. The greater the pain signal, the stronger the pain cancelling effect. This neurological device is FDA certified, and can be used by all ages, with no side effects. The Titan is designed for many years of use and can be shared with your family. There are no moving parts and no maintenance is required.

Migraine Headache Neurological Pain Relief Device DE-KA Titan

Migraine Relief Pain Relief Device DE-KA Titan is the number one among the passive self-treatment devices, is based on the DE-KA method, a revolutionary invention in physical/physiological pain therapy. The effectiveness of the DE-KA method has been clearly confirmed by scientific medical assessments and has also been tested by medical experts. The DE-KA Pain Relief device is ready for use at any time, as no additional electrical or magnetic energy is required. Its ease of use and low weight mean it can be taken anywhere.


Features and Advantages of the DE-KA Titan – The Intelligent Pain Reliever

Effective; the greater the pain stimulus, the greater the pain absorption.

Not a drug release device therefore no side effects.

The Pain relief device needs no power supply; suitable for immediate use – any time, anywhere.

Small and handy; the migraine pain reliever is simple to use, and worn like a wristwatch.

Direct, discreet connection to position of pain via electrodes.

Low cost, years of use for the whole family, no maintenance, no batteries.


Product : Migraine Headache Relief DE-KA Titan Non Powered Neurological Device is suitable for handling any kind of pain. The drug free pain relief device is a purely passive medical product to relieve pain. Intelligent – The absorption of pain is achieved by a large capacitance of an electrical capacitor contained in the pure titanium housing. The greater the pain stimulus, the greater the absorption. The effect of this headache pain reliever can be extended to the whole body via large vessels close to the skin. The worse the pain, the greater the effect of the migraine pain reliever!

Migraine Headache Neurological Pain Relief Device DE-KA Titan1

Applications : The DE-KA Titan Neurological Device is suitable for handling any kind of pain. A definite pain impulse is important for activating the pain reliever. Good results have been achieved for Headache, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, toothache, painful joints, tennis elbow, sciatica and back pain, general muscle pain and muscle cramp, rheumatism, post-operative pain and weather sensitivity.

Using the DE-KA Titan
Communication between the nerve stimulated by the pain and the DE-KA Titan is set up either by placing the housing itself on the skin directly at the location of the pain, in the area of the nerve tracts or over a large blood vessel, or attaching an adhesive electrode at the stated positions and connecting it to the neurological pain relief device DE-KA Titan with the cable supplied.

The Pain Relief device is usually worn on the left wrist with the flat side of the housing in contact with the inside of the wrist. The wriststrap should not be too loose.

For severe pain in the lower extremities, it is advisable to attach an adhesive electrode in the area of the lumbar vertebrae, and for severe back pain or general pain an electrode should be attached as an alternative to the uppermost cervical vertebra.

The Idea :

Migraine Headache Neurological Pain Relief Device DE-KA Titan2

As pharmaceutical products use the downstream pain-inhibiting system of the Gate Control Theory (Endorphines and enkephalines as physiological activators).
The pulsating DC voltage from this system can be measured in the peripheral nerve lines externally, i.e. through the skin and tissue.
So the question was: Why not use the upstream pain-initiating system?

The Solution : Like an RC element in an electrical circuit, a special capacitor circuit placed on the skin makes it possible to level the potential differences leading to a attenuation of the signal current of a pain to the brain by nerves.

Medical Tests: Scientific tests conducted by recognized and neutral institutions proved the effectiveness of the pain relief device DE-KA Titan.
Tests conducted by a German University, Result: Significant reduction of pain duration

Pain Clinic : Just placing the neurological device sensor housing against the forearm veins produced a test success rate of of 54 % after only 30 minutes
Chang An Hospital, Xian – Test period 2 months; 75% have experienced pain relief

Please Note:

Migraine Headache Relief Pain Relief DE-KA Titan is FDA Approved and is classified as a Class 1 Medical Device The pain reliever complies with the medical product law and therefore carries the CE marking. It is a Class 1 medical device within the terms of the EC directive on medical devices (93/42/EEC).

Accessory – Adhesive Electrodes

Migraine Headache Neurological Pain Relief Device DE-KA Titan3

Pain Relief Neurological Device DE-KA Titan comes standard with 4 free electrode pads, included. The adhesive electrode is a round Micropore Surgical Tape backed electrode with solid gel and a Cap Seal to ensure product freshness. The electrodes are distributed in 30-pack quantities.

For colds and flu, an adhesive electrode should be attached to the upper cervical vertebra for at least 48 hours.
You may purchase additional electrodes by using the buy button that we have provided below.


Solid gel conforms to the skin quickly allowing high-quality, uninterrupted traces.

The gel’s low chloride content minimizes skin irritation for increased patient comfort.

Micropore tape backing is breathable, flexible and conformable, yet is gentle to the skin for increased patient comfort.

Seals prevents premature product dryout to help ensure product freshness for 30 days out of the bag.

Has a low chloride gel and is latex-free for sensitive skin.

DE-KA Titan comes with 4 free electrode pads.


Please Note: Electrode Pads should be replaced after 24 hours of use to maintain maximum Pain Relief efficiency.

Click Here to Download Operating Guide & Safety Instructions


Headache, Migraine, Trigeminal neuralgia, Painful joints, Tennis elbow, Sciatica and Back pain, General Muscle pain and Muscle cramp, Rheumatism, Post-operative pain and Weather sensitivity.

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