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MR Mobile Transporter Cot

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Lightest cot available with a 500-pound load capacity ? Sturdy X-frame undercarriage is easily raised by second EMT during loading ? Standard with 4 locking casters ? Dual ratchet bar adjustment mechanism is simple to operate and permits eight levels of height adjustment ? Safety U-bar and hook holds the Mobile Transporter at the rear of the ambulance during unloading as undercarriage is lowered to the ground ? Low foot-end lifting frame enables shorter EMTs to get better leverage when lifting the Mobile Transporter ? Head-end drop frame and foot-end lead handle for improved control/maneuverability ? Adjustable backrest angle from 0¡ã to 75¡ã allows patient to be in a comfortable position ? Built-in shock position permits instant change in patient positioning by elevating feet 15 degrees (approximately 10″without compromising patient¡¯s breathing ? Improved lubrication-free easy-roll wheels for greater cot mobility ? MR-conditional to 3-Tesla r

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