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MRI Conditional 7 Drawer Emergency Cart

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Standard Features: Designed and built for safe use in the strong magnetic fields present in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) suites 1. Tested by independent testing authority to 3 Tesla level 2. Meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International, Designation: F2503-05 definition of ¡°MR-Conditional 3. Cabinet painted gloss white with MRI identification sticker applied 4. Low-ferrous, ball-bearing, full extension drawer slides 5. Low-ferrous 5¡å sealed ball-bearing casters; full swivel ¨C one with brake, one directional 6. Stainless steel breakaway locking system 7. Breakaway lock seals, numbered, yellow, pkg-50 8. Full wrap-around vinyl bumper 9. Stainless steel pull-out shelf 10. Replaceable plastic top with integrated push handles 11. Cart is delivered fully assembled with pre-threaded accessory mounting holes 12. MR-Conditional accessories available 13. Latex free 14. Hard-baked powder coat finish

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