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NEMA SCA&I Cardiovascular Fluoroscopic Benchmark Phantom

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The CIRS Model 901 NEMA-SCA&I phantom was designed to evaluate and standardize catheterization image quality. It is the result of collaborative efforts between the Society for Cardiac Angiography and Interventions and the National Electric Manufacturers Association. The phantom specifically enables voluntary compliance with the recently published performance standard NEMA XR21. The Model 901 is manufactured from PMMA with X-ray absorption properties similar to soft tissue at diagnostic energies. It contains a variety of static and dynamic test targets for objective assessment of resolution, motion unsharpness and radiation exposure. The sectional design allows for configuration in a wide range of thicknesses from 5 to 30 cm simulating PA thicknesses from infants to large adult patients. The phantom is ideal for routine assessment of the entire imaging system. Features; ? Designed for voluntary compliance with NEMA XR 21 ? Simulates coronary arteries for infant through large adult ? Evaluate spatial resolution, motion unsharpness and exposure for the entire imaging system

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