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PIX 13

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Leeds Test Objects¡¯ PIX-13 phantom is designed to be used to check the image quality performance of digital radiography x-ray systems. These tests should be carried out at acceptance to establish a baseline, and on a routine basis, keeping an on-going record of the test results, which will indicate any deterioration in performance. PIX-13 has been designed in accordance with the DIN 6868-13 standard and features the following test details: 1. Tube axis direction markings 2. Limiting spatial resolution (0.6 ¨C 5.0 LP/mm) 3. Low contrast resolution details (6 x 15mm diameter details) 4. Dynamic range (7 different thickness Cu steps) 5. Unstructured are for placement of dosemeter 6. Unstructured area for homogeneity and signal adjustment (centre-marked) 7. Cassette size alignment markers (radiopaque) 8. X-ray to light field alignment markers (radiopaque) PIX-13 should be used with either PMMA/Cu or Al attenuator plates (available separately). The phantom is supplied in a soft protective carry bag.

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