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PIXMAM is a digital mammography image quality phantom comprising a stack of finely toleranced PMMA plates which meets the routine testing requirements of the following standards: -NHSBSP pub 604-3 :2009 -NHSBSP pub 702-1 :2007 -EUREF 4th edition of the European Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis PIXMAM comprises PMMA plates of dimensions; (1pc) 300 x 240 x 20mm (including encapsulated 99.99% Al foil) (2pc) 300 x 240 x 20mm (1pc) 300 x 240 x 10mm (1pc) 300 x 240 x 5mm PIXMAM allows the following tests to be conducted; -AEC checks -detector homogeneity -SNR -CNR

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