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RD/FL Contrast/Resolution Test Tools

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The RD/FL Phantoms are tools used to easily assess the general radiographic and fluoroscopic image quality and performance of a standard imaging system. Contrast and resolution are measured in one exposure allowing the QC Technologist, service engineer, or medical physicist to quickly determine if the system is working correctly. When used daily, the RD/FL test tools will also help identify trends that may be an indication of image degradation, typically caused by slight changes in kVp or mAs. The Model L-647 phantom has three various shaped mesh patterns ranging from 20 to 100 lines per inch. Surrounding the mesh pattern are four low contrast targets of varying diameters (2 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm). The Model L-656 RD/FL Digital Test Tool has a centered contrast scale and a line pair resolution insert that allows simultaneous evaluation of resolution, contrast and density uniformity.

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