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TFG Ruler

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Confirmation of alignment between laser lights and the X-ray energy field is a routine QA check. Although there is equipment available, they do not provide a permanent record of the results. The Model 033 TFG Ruler is a low cost, simple to use tool that can provide this permanent record. The TFG Ruler is a Light Field Alignment Calibrator Tool. The TFG Ruler is designed to work as a stand alone product, or to work in tandem with the Unfors DXR+ Light Field Alignment Tool. When used with the DXR+ ruler, the TFG Ruler can be used for FFDM X-ray field overlap measurements. The acrylic ruler has radiopaque indices at 1 mm increments making it suitable for mammography applications. The cutout enables the TFG ruler to be compatible with the Unfors DXR+ or alone. To use, position the zero index at the edge of the light field, expose the film and then visually inspect the visible measurement index on the film and record your results. Features; ? Measures from Zero Point to ¡À 5 mm ? Works in tandem with Unfors DXR+ or stand-alone ? Create permanent alignment record ? Me

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