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TO.CTDI has been designed in accordance with standards: IEC 61223-3-5 IEC 61223-3-6 IEC 60601-2-44 TO.CTDI permits the user to measure the dose index for computed tomography systems. The test object consists of two PMMA cylinders, one cylinder represents the head (160mm diameter) and the other represents the body (320mm diameter). The length of each cylinder is 140mm. Each cylinder contains holes large enough to accept a radiation detector, used to take the dose measurements. There is a hole at the centre of the cylinders and one at each 90¡ã interval, centred 10mm from the edge of the cylinder. This item is available as either a nested phantom (the head phantom fits inside the body phantom) or as separate head and body phantoms. TO CTDI is heavy and as such is provided in a tough case with wheels and telescopic handle. TO.CTDI enables the following tests to be made: ¡¤ CTDI100 (centre) ¡¤ CTDI100 (peripheral) ¡¤ CTDIw (weighted CTDI100) ¡¤ CTDIvol (weighted CTDIw) ¡¤ CTDIfree air

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