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Designed for use either with conventional intra-oral film or with digital detector systems, TO.UniDENT is a radiographic test object which combines ease-of-use with a clinically-relevant indication of the performance of the entire imaging chain. Based on a novel step-wedge approach, TO.UniDENT is uniquely different from conventional step-wedges in that its steps are individually calculated to simulate the extremes of the intra-oral imaging task. This makes it more sensitive than conventional step-wedges, and only to those changes which are clinically significant, preventing wastage of time and resources. Its unique design means it can be used not only for quick routine quality assurance (QA) checks, but also to determine optimum exposure times for balancing image quality against dose (now a legal requirement in many countries). TO.UniDENT is particularly useful to those establishments making the move from film to digital, as it allows a direct comparison between the diagnostic imaging capabilities of the two modalities: it highlights the effect of using different display and / or image processing functions on the digital systems, thereby helping dentists decide which options to use for their particular imaging needs (eg. caries detection vs. periodontal work). Summary of TO.UniDENT features: *For use with film or digital *Quick, easy set-up *Optimise exposure levels and routine QA checks *Checks entire imaging process *Highlights only clinically-important changes

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