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A routine test object designed to be used quickly and easily on a regular basis (e.g. weekly or monthly) to provide an ongoing check of imaging performance, particularly those aspects which are most liable to deterioration. After an initial grey-scale check, image quality is measured simply by counting the number of details detected and the number of bar-patterns resolved in the image. An ongoing record of these numbers will reveal any trend towards deterioration in imaging performance. Used for conventional and non-subtractive digital radiography, enables the following checks to be made: ? Sensitometric measurements (10 test point details, 5.6mm diameter) ? Resolution limit (0.5 to 14.3 LP/mm) ? Low-contrast large-detail detectability (17 details, 11mm diameter) ? High-contrast small-detail detectability (17 details, 0.5mm diameter) In addition to checking the consistency of radiographic performance, the test object can be used to assess the relative performance of different screen-film combinations.

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