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TOR DEN conventional

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Leeds Test Objects¡¯ TOR DEN conventional phantom is designed to be used to check the image quality performance of conventional dental x-ray systems. These tests should be carried out at acceptance to establish a baseline, and on a routine basis, keeping an on-going record of the test results, which will indicate any deterioration in performance. TOR DEN conventional is used for units with conventional film-based image acquisition. It has been designed in accordance with the standard IEC 61223-3-4 and enables the following tests to be made: ¡¤ Optical Density Constancy ¡¤ Radiation Field Alignment ~ for Panoramic and Cephalometric tests only The phantom is supplied with a positioning device, for TOR DEN conventional this is a magnetic jig. For systems with no magnetic receptor, a suction jig is also available. The TOR DEN phantoms are supplied in a tough case with a bespoke foam insert.

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