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FNA, Jamshidi® Menghini and Tru-Cut®biopsy devices

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Our biopsy products include our fine needle aspiration (FNA) needles, Jamshidi®Menghini needles and manual Tru-Cut® device for liver biopsy.


Fine needle aspiration (FNA) needles

Fine needle aspiration (FNA) needles

Our FNA needles are available with a Chiba or Franseen tip. They also come in sets with a universal coaxial introducer needle.

Jamshidi Menghini biopsy needles

Jamshidi Menghini biopsy needles

Jamshidi Menghini soft tissue needles are available individually or in convenient sterile, single-use procedure trays.

Tru-Cut biopsy device

Tru-Cut biopsy device

The Tru-Cut biopsy device helps you manually capture high-quality tissue samples.



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