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OSTEOPRO Ultrasound Bone Densitometer

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The features of OSTEOPRO

1.More Accurate: Using WHO’s diagnostic standard parameter, OsteoPro provides the reliable diagnostic results. OsteoPro Uses oil medium and it is similar to water, but oil is not affected by temperature changes. T-score Precision less then 0.1 percent.

2.More Economical: One of the strong points of OsteoPro is the ballon with durable material. The ballon is permanent, so it has no risk of the ballon blowout. Longer ballon replacement cycle, so it saves the cost of consumption goods.

3.More convenient: It’s easy to move around and can be used in limited space. It has reduced inonvenience to correct pulse every time.

B.M.Tech. Worldwide Co., Ltd Company introduction

B.M.Tech. Worldwide Co., Ltd is the professional business with the production capabilities and management system well recognized by various quality assurance authorities worldwide.
As the ultrasonic bone densitometer, X-Ray bone densitometer (DEXA) for osteoporosis, our Osteopro firmly has the top position accounting more than 90% in the domestic market, and it is the ultrasonic medical device, X-Ray bone densitometer (DEXA) with the world’s best quality that is exported to 40 countries.

We will make our best efforts to become the worldwide well-know mecca in the medical and bio industry, in line with our vision and goal for the healthy and happy future for the human being.

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