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The advantage of JINDE’S LED x-ray viewer / x-ray light box / x-ray illuminator / negatoscope
Features and advantages:
1. LED light source, isometric dot-matrix layout makes high luminance uniformity(over 90%) .
2. Max luminance over 4200cd/m2 and color temperature reach 9600k with 100,000 life span.
3. Only 4.5cm thickness, good looking and saving space.
4. Luminance intensity is adjustable by digital dimmer
5. Equipped with automatic film activation, panel can light up automatically when inserting the film and turn off when taking away the film.
6. Patented elastic silica film clipper, offering easy inserting,fast holding and easy taking off.
7. Built-in power adapter, offering wide power supply range: 100V to 240V, 50/60 Hz.
8. Viewing area is same size as that of 14×17 film, no extra light disturbance from the edges.
9. Can mount on the wall or on the desktop.

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